Powdered Mixed Oyster Mushrooms 40 gms (400 gms fresh weight) (Top of the Range Gourmet Mushrooms)


Powdered Mixed Oyster Mushrooms 40 gms


Powdered Mixed Oyster Mushrooms 40 gms

Oyster Mushrooms are the only mushroom that is suitable for a Low Fodmap diet.

This powder is fantastic as a thickener adding nutritional value while tikening any sauce or recipe.

Low in calories    Fat-free    Cholesterol free Gluten-free
Very low in sodium High in protein High in Fibre High in Iron
High in zinc High in Potassium High in Selenium High in Phosphorus
High in Calcium High in Folic Acid High in Antioxidants  
High Levels of B1 B3 B5 & B12 High Levels of Vit C & D Cholesterol Lowering Anti-Cancer properties

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